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I keep a few links on my blog to other sites of relevance: gaming sites such as Rock, Paper Shotgun and Massively; general gaming interest such as Overclocked Remix and Steam; related blogs from friends and acquaintances such as Femme Gamer and XBox Banter.

The first two are easily found by Google and chances are anyone with an interest in gaming will have swung by the big name sites at some point. The latter is more a case of hearing about through someone else. To this end, I am passing on the pimpage.

In no particular order, I present the following:-

Femme Gamer is a shared blog looking at gaming and geekery in general as written by a group of girl gamers including Kostika whom I've known for years and years. It showcases reviews, trailers, opinion pieces, commentary on gaming in general as well as gaming from a girl's perspective and wider related topics.

XBox Banter is another shared blog with a particular (though not exclusive) focus on XBox games, written by a duo comprising OneAngryBlogger and WeirdWalthamstow, the latter of whom is a man I've gamed with for many a year and lurks about here as [ profile] jon_a_five.

Random Rants & Ramblings is a gaming blog in a similar vein to mine, with game reviews, ponderings and discussions on a wide variety of games-related topics. It's written by one Quilluck, a spurious Norwegian I game with fairly regularly.

Delusional Hallucinations is a blog that's not exclusively gaming focused, but when the theme is gaming it looks at home-made level design - particularly of the Source SDK variety - and FRAPS footage of various games. Written by an occasional lurking Razzad, whom I have MMO'd with for many years.

IF Connected is focused on technology and its innovations, particularly in the mobile device arenas. iPads as gaming devices: it's more likely than you think (the post is in the works). The author is one Ian Fogg and I've both fragged and been fragged by him many times at LAN games through the years.
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When I write my journal entries, I keep them as Private drafts because I tend to add to them from a variety of different places and devices. When it's all put together, I publish the posts as Public.

However, the way that LiveJournal does dates through Friend's Pages or RSS feeds is that the date and time the entry was created determines where it sits in the feed streams. This means if I've published a post I started 3 days ago, it'll appear 3 days back.

Manually editing the date/time in the post only affects where it shows up on my own journal, not through feeds. This is actually a good thing as many people will use a future date to keep important posts at the top of their journals, such as contact details.

All of this means that my posts will usually appear partway through a feed rather than at the time of publishing, unless you happen to be reading my journal directly.


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